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Derma-Roller .2mm



Boosts collagen and increases absorption of product for up to an hour after application. Creates little pathways for product to penetrate.  Using the derma roller for 3 months will start to build collagen naturally in your skin.  

How to use:

Cleanse skin thoroughly and pat dry.

Use derma roller in criss cross pattern across the face vertically then horizontally.  Be sure to get up around the eyes and laugh lines.  May be used anywhere on the body in this matter.  Do not apply pressure.  Just allow the roller to gently roll over the top of skin.  MUST clean after each use with 50/50 alcohol/water solution.  Do not share your roller.  

.2mm Use 3-5 times a week

.25mm  Use 3 times a week

.3mm  Use once every week

.5mm  Use once every 2 weeks

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