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Dry body brush


Benefits of dry brushing:

  • Removes dead skin making it ideal for chronic dry skin on the body
  • Moves lymphatic system, which carries the waste out of the blood
  • Helps cellulite reduction by moving toxins out of the cells
  • Ergonomically correct handle is ideal for your wrist 
  • Your skin will feel alive and awake after brushing and incredibly soft

Made of:  100% Natural Boar Bristle

How to use:

  • Remove clothing and use on dry skin, not in the shower.  Start at the feet and use upward motions moving up the body.  Brush up the front and back sides of legs, up the abdomen and your back, up the arms, all towards your heart to help your body get healthy circulation of blood flow and the removal of toxins to be flushed out. Brush down the sides of your neck lightly and down motion on your chest, towards heart.  For best results, do daily before shower or at night before bed.
  • I like to dry brush before bed so the body has the ability to flush toxins right before I lay down, plus it removes so much dry skin.  Doing this at night while your body repairs itself is my recommendation!

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